Homeopathy for chronic diseases

Do you suffer from a chronic disease? Do you have complaints that accompany you permanently or that occur again and again? Do you wish that the constant cystitis, the recurring cough or the constant joint pain would disappear permanently?

In order to achieve a truly lasting and permanent improvement in health, homeopathy has a centuries-old and proven medical system at its disposal.

The symptoms we observe are the results of a disease process. This disease process progresses throughout our lives. Because each of us has a hereditary predisposition to certain diseases. This hereditary predisposition is called miasma and has a great influence on our personal biography of illness. For example, within a family one often sees a certain tendency towards diseases related to breathing difficulties (asthma, coughing, pneumonia), allergies (atopic eczema, hay fever) or even cancer. These inherited disease tendencies can be weakened or even eliminated by homeopathic medicines. Thus, homeopathy addresses the cause of the illness and does not merely suppress the symptoms of the illness. In the case of suppression we no longer see the symptoms. However, the disease remains in the background and continues to develop until it finally manifests itself in worse symptoms. Even if our hectic and stressful lifestyle tempts us to try to make the symptoms disappear as quickly as possible and suppress them, it is important for lasting health that we take the necessary time for recovery and treat the cause of the illness.

Homeopathy for chronic diseases in Unteraegeri, Zug

The treatment by classical homeopathy takes place on several levels. For example, I differentiate between acute illness and acute flare-up of chronic illness, which is miasmatic, i.e. hereditary, and which is constitutional, i.e. concerning physique and temperament. During the complex analysis of all the information and symptoms collected during the anamnesis (initial consultation), I draw up the treatment plan and determine the homeopathic remedies that are individually suitable for you. During the course of treatment, we usually assess the effect of the medication every six weeks, whereby the treatment plan is constantly adapted to the reactions to the medication. Often a tendency of improvement can be seen after only a few days or weeks. The duration of the entire treatment depends on the severity and complexity of the disease. In the case of complex chronic diseases, a healing process and treatment of several months must be expected. However, you will soon notice that homeopathic remedies have the power to improve your chronic complaints, so that they occur less frequently and less intensively and become less and less frequent as the treatment progresses. Through the successful homeopathic strengthening of your health, in cooperation with the doctor, the medication such as cortisone, anti-allergics or painkillers can be gradually reduced.


I will gladly accompany you on your way to a daily life without chronic ailments. Make an appointment online or give me a call and inform yourself about the possibilities without obligation. My services are recognized by almost all Swiss supplementary insurance companies. I look forward to meeting you.

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