How to boost your digestion

Does this sound familiar to you?
You’re feeling bloated and sluggish after eating? Or unbearable cramps force you to lie down? You don’t dare to eat out anymore because all of a sudden you need to go to the toilet desperately? Or you suffer from constipation that distresses you for days? You need to use the toilet brush intensely every time?

How nice would it be, if …
… the embarrassing flatulence in the office stopped.
… you ate out free and easy again.
… you went to the toilet relaxed and regularly.
… you didn’t need tons of toilet paper and the brush every time.
… you ate your favourite dish again.

Homeopathy and naturopathy for digestion problems in Unteraegeri, Zug.

80% of the immune system is located in the gut

The gut takes a major role in our body. Not only it is responsible for the ingestion and digestion, but also it is home to 80% of our entire immune system. Key players are the intestinal flora with the many helpful bacteria, and the intestinal mucosa. If there is a disruption in this sensitive system, for instance through stress, certain foods, antibiotics or drugs, the above-mentioned digestion problems, recurring infections, allergies or autoimmune diseases can be the consequence. Thus, the gut health is of tremendous importance.


Laboratory diagnostics, herbal medicine and homeopathy

Digestive disorders can be well regulated with naturopathic methods. With a stool analysis using modern laboratory diagnostics we can systematically analyse your intestinal flora, intestinal mucosa and the function of your digestion. Based on this, we support your gut with herbal medicine, probiotics and certain foods so that it can find its way back in balance. Moreover, I’ll give you specific hints on how you can improve your diet which supports the digestion additionally. A concurrent homeopathic therapy supports the regulation of your digestion at the one hand and addresses the root cause of your digestion problems on the other hand. With the homeopathic therapy I consider all your other ailments as well, including your genetic predisposition. The aim is a holistic treatment, which addresses the root cause and generally makes disappear not only your digestion problems but many other ailments as well.

I’m pleased to accompany you on your way to a healthy digestion. Directly book your appointment online or call me and inform yourself about the possibilities.

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