How your period pain can vanish into thin air

Does this sound familiar to you?
Do you have strong pain during your period? Or do you even have to bend because of the pain, you cannot stand or walk anymore since the abdomen hurts terribly? You trudge to school or work, but cannot really concentrate due to the pain? Or to make matters worse, you must vomit, you have headache or diarrhoea? Are you taking painkillers every month, merely to survive the period?

How nice would it be, if …
… the period was free of pain.
… you pursued your daily routine completely unimpaired.
… you enjoyed being a woman.
… you hadn’t to take painkillers anymore.

Homeopathy and naturopathy for period pain in Unteraegeri, Zug.


One in ten women suffers from endometriosis
Period pain, also called dysmenorrhoea, is widely spread. Period pain that impacts women’s daily routine is not normal and no woman must bear the pain. There are two kinds of period pain: primary and secondary. Primary period pain is triggered by contraction of the uterus, where the tissue hormone prostaglandin plays a part. The reason for this is an increased production of prostaglandins in the lining of the uterus, which increases the perception of pain and causes the contraction of the uterus muscles. Secondary period pain is often triggered by endometriosis or myoma. In case of endometriosis, tissue similar to the lining of the uterus (endometrium), is commonly found in the pelvic region outside of the uterus, or even in other areas of the body. This tissue often causes adhesions and therefore can be jointly responsible for the sometimes labour-like pain during the period. Very often period pain is being treated with painkillers, which in the long run strain liver and kidneys and solely suppress the symptoms. But also, the hormonal treatment, e.g. taking the pill, involves many risks, not least because of the intervention in our sensitive endocrine system.


Homeopathy works gently and causally for period pain
Period pain can be well treated with homeopathic remedies. In doing so I address with the treatment the root-cause of the ailments, without suppressing the symptoms. Homeopathy offers many effective remedies for the treatment of period pain, whereas the best suitable remedy is always individually determined. The homeopathic treatment is very profound and holistic. At the same time, I also take into account all your other symptoms as well as your hereditary burden with the aim that not only your period pain but also many other of your symptoms disappear.

In addition to the homeopathic treatment you’ll receive plant-based medication, medicinal teas and helpful hints what you can do yourself against the period pain.

I’m pleased to accompany you on your way to an everyday life without pain. Directly book your appointment online or call me and inform yourself about the possibilities without any obligation. My services are accepted by nearly all Swiss supplementary health insurances.

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