Lower your blood pressure in natural ways

Do you have high blood pressure and are looking for natural alternatives to ACE inhibitors, beta blocker and co.? Naturopathy offers many ways to lower blood pressure in natural ways and to put the body back in balance.

High blood pressure, also called arterial hypertension, can have many different reasons: from smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of physical activity, overweight, stress and malnutrition, over diabetes mellitus, genetic disposition to kidney diseases, hormonal disorders, drugs or arteriosclerosis. In 90% of the cases the cause is unknown, which makes a sustainable therapy of the high blood pressure much more difficult. In many cases high blood pressure doesn’t make any symptoms and is often only discovered by accident. Headache, vertigo, tinnitus, red face and nervousness can be symptoms indicating high blood pressure.

To diagnose high blood pressure the arterial blood pressure must be higher than 140/90 mmHg at least three times on two different days. Though the first value, in this case 140 mmHg, the so-called systolic pressure, indicates the ejection fraction of the heart. The second value (90 mmHg) indicates the diastolic pressure and equals the phase in which the heart is filled with blood again. In the course of the day, the blood pressure is changing constantly. With physical exercise or stress, for example, the blood pressure rises, while during relaxing periods, for example during meditation or autogenic training, the blood pressure drops again. But if the blood pressure is constantly high, meaning with values above 140/90 mmHg, then the heart is doing hard work and the arteries are being used more, which hardens, calcifies and finally constricts them. Consequently, the risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney diseases or eye injuries increases.

Holistic homeopathic treatment and alternative medicine for high blood pressure in Unteraegeri, Zug.

Homeopathy is well suited for the treatment of high blood pressure, since for homeopathic treatment the cause of the disease doesn’t need to be known. Homeopathy is based on the symptoms which are shown by the disease, and which can be observed with the patient. The person is being considered holistically and not only the disease of the high blood pressure itself. This allows the homeopath to find a remedy that exactly fits the condition of the patient and his or her high blood pressure which then regulates the blood pressure in a gentle way. It is important though, that medications prescribed by a doctor must never be stopped unless advised so by the doctor. Also during homeopathic treatment, medication prescribed by the doctor must not be stopped. The conventional therapy is being accompanied by the naturopathic treatment. Often the dosage of the prescribed medicine can be adjusted gradually or even discontinued after the doctor’s evaluation.

But you can, and you should get active yourself to normalise your blood pressure.


What you can do by yourself to lower your blood pressure:

  1. Healthy and balanced diet:
    • Take wholemeal products instead of refined sugar and grains
    • Limit the intake of animal protein (meat, fish, milk products) and eat plant-based protein (vegetables, legumes, nuts) instead
    • Use high-quality Omega-3-fats (e.g. linseed oil)
    • Refrain from alcohol, coffee, and smoking
    • Use herbs and spices instead of table salt
  2. Physical activity:
    • Ideally three to five times per week for 30 minutes
    • Suitable sports are: running, nordic walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, dancing
    • Go outdoors every day. Especially on sunny days let the sun shine on your skin, from which the body produces vitamin D. Vitamin D regulates the blood pressure.
  3. Kneipp treatments:
    • Increasing-temperature arm- or footbath: fill the sink with 33°C warm water and bath both arms or feet in it. Slowly add hot water until the temperature increases to 39°C within 12 – 15 minutes.
    • Contrast foot bath: 5 minutes warm, 10 seconds cold water, repeat one time
    • Dry skin brushing in the morning
  4. Relaxation:
    • Actively ensure periods of relaxation during your day. Do autogenous training, meditation, yoga, or a long walk in the forest, which helps avoiding high blood pressure.

Get active, try out the one or the other recommendation, and directly book your appointment online for a homeopathic and naturopathic treatment. As a matter of course, I’m at your disposal in case of question at any time.

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