The practice in Unteraegeri

Homeopathic treatment

For the first consultation, you should reserve some time. Normally, it takes about 2 hours. During this first extensive conversation, we discuss your current discomfort, all past diseases as well as your family’s medical history. The more detailed this information is, the more precise the suitable remedy can be found for you.

After this first consultation, I evaluate and analyse the collected information to find the best fitting homeopathic remedy for you. This process is called repertorisation. Therefore, your physical presence is not needed. The time required for determining the remedy comes to approximately 60 – 90 minutes. Subsequently, you will receive detailed information from me on the delivery and taking of your remedy.

The treatment intervals are depending on the nature and severity of the disease. Usually, the course of the treatment is being evaluated through follow-up consultations with intervals of 4 – 8 weeks. During the follow-up consultation, we discuss the process of your well-being and the next steps. For a small discomfort, the first remedy will probably be sufficient to trigger the self-healing process. However, it’s often required to define a following remedy if the clinical picture is more complex. The time required for the follow-up consultation is between 15 – 60 minutes.

The length of the treatment is very individual and depends on the severity of the disease. It’s comprehensible that the treatment of an acute discomfort takes less time than the treatment of a chronic and persistent disease.

Treatment costs

The rate is 160 CHF per hour.
Consultation, evaluation/analysis, phone calls or e-mail consultancy are all charged with the same tariff and with units of five minutes.
In case of emergencies outside of regular consultation hours, there is a surcharge of 25 CHF for phone calls or e-mail consultation and 50 CHF for face-to-face consultations.

Cancelling appointment

An agreed appointment is binding. In case you cannot keep an appointment, please inform me through phone or e-mail latest 48 hours before. Appointments neither cancelled nor kept are being invoiced at the regular tariff.

Acceptance by health insurances

Nearly all health insurances accept my services. I’m a registered therapist with EMR (ZSR-no. N120363). The treatment costs are usually covered with 70 – 90 % by the supplementary insurance for alternative or complementary treatments. Please be aware that the compulsory insurance does not cover the treatment costs, only the supplementary insurances offer this. The invoice of the treatment costs is being sent to you directly.

Before your first treatment, please check with your health insurance provider if you have supplementary insurance for alternative or complementary treatments, which alternative therapies and laboratory analyses the insurance reimburses, and to which degree the costs are being absorbed.

I’m a registered therapist
with the following health insurance providers :

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