Atopic eczema? What you can do about it.

Does your child suffer from atopic eczema? Does it have dry, rough, red and inflamed skin? Does your child have to scratch all the time, because it itches terribly? Does it even have to wear gloves because otherwise it would scratch until it bleeds? Or does it have difficulties in school to concentrate because the itch is driving it to distraction? Is it ashamed of wearing short clothes? Are you looking for an alternative to cortisone and antihistamines?

How nice would it be, if …
… your child didn’t suffer from itch anymore.
… it felt comfortable again.
… it focused better at school.
… it eventually slept through the night again.
… it didn’t have to take strong medication anymore.

Homeopathy and naturopathy for atopic eczema in Unteraegeri, Zug.

A valve for the inner imbalance

Atopic eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, which has a relapsing course, is a chronic inflammatory reaction of the skin with agonizing itching. Around 20% of children in Switzerland are affected by atopic eczema. There are many triggers for atopic dermatitis. Usually there is a hereditary disposition, which often brings out the atopic eczema through additional triggers like vaccination, strong emotions, inappropriate nutrition or environmental factors. Skin diseases always point to an inner imbalance in the body. The skin acts like a kind of valve for inner disorders to appease these. Therefore, skin diseases are not only a local disease of the skin, but they are an indication for a deeper imbalance, like a hereditary burden which the body is trying to repair. For this reason, a skin rash or eczema should generally not be suppressed with e.g. cortisone, antihistamines or zinc. This is because by suppression the “valve” is being closed and the body is looking for another relief for the inner imbalance. Consequently, the atopic eczema often develops into a hay fever or asthma. Meaning, the disease is only being shifted but to a deeper and for the body more threatening level.


Causal treatment with homeopathy

A homeopathic treatment of atopic eczema can bring big relief without suppressing the symptoms. Through the causal treatment we support the body in its own repair mechanisms. The inner balance is restored, and the skin must not act to relief anymore. For the treatment of atopic eczema many homeopathic remedies come into consideration, whereas the best fitting remedy is individually determined. In addition to the homeopathic treatment you’ll receive helpful hints what you and your child can do additionally to sooth the ailments. In this matter it is important to pay attention to the fact that many plant-based or naturopathic ointments often contain zinc which acts suppressing and would aggravate the health condition in the long run.

I’m pleased to accompany you and your child on your way to an everyday life without atopic eczema. Directly book your appointment online or call me and inform yourself about the possibilities without any obligation. My services are accepted by nearly all Swiss supplementary health insurances.

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