Trouble sleeping? When night turns into day

Does your child suffer from insomnia?  Or does it have difficulty falling asleep? Does he or she wake up often? Is it tired during the day and can’t concentrate at school? Does it cry while sleeping? Or does it have nightmares? Does it suffer from bedwetting or sleepwalking? And would you finally like to be able to sleep undisturbed yourself again?

How nice it would be if …
… your child would fall asleep on its own.
… it could finally sleep through again.
… it wouldn’t scream so piercingly.
… your child would no longer be plagued by enuresis.
… the whole family would get a good night’s sleep.

Homeopathy and naturopathy for sleep disorders of children in Unterägeri, Zug

Usually a deeper problem

A deep and restful sleep is of great importance for physical and mental development. Every third child is affected by sleep disorders in the course of its development. One speaks of a sleep disorder in children and adolescents if it is difficult to fall asleep, if sleep is frequently interrupted, if there is remarkably little or remarkably much sleep, and if unusual events occur during sleep such as sleepwalking or crying. While in infancy, night-time awakening or the fear scare (Pavor nocturnus) occurs more frequently, in school age there are more difficulties in falling asleep or bed-wetting. The need for sleep is very individual and varies from child to child.

The causes of sleep disorders can be very different and range from flatulence and three-month colic to itching, conflicts or anxiety.

Sleep disorders usually indicate a deeper-seated problem. They are often an indication of an imbalance inside the body. Sleep disorders that exist for a long time should therefore not be ignored.


Causal treatment by homeopathy

A homeopathic treatment can bring great relief for sleep disorders. Through the causal therapy, we support the body in finding back to its inner balance and a calm, restful sleep. There are many homeopathic remedies available for the treatment of sleep disorders, whereby the most suitable remedy is determined individually. Accompanying the homeopathic therapy, I will give you tips on what else you and your child can do and, if necessary, herbal medicines to support you.

I would be happy to accompany you and your child on your way to a restful sleep. Make an appointment online or give me a call and inform yourself about the possibilities without obligation. My benefits are recognised by almost all Swiss supplementary insurance companies. I look forward to meeting you.

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