Homeopathy can help with these discomforts and diseases

Can these small globules really eliminate my back pain? Yes, homeopathy can be used in many cases. Also in cases where one wouldn’t necessarily think that homeopathy could help, like back pain.
Homeopathic remedies not only help with acute discomforts, which only appear for a short period of time, but also with chronic diseases, which often persist for many months or even years. Maybe you have also got used to those chronic discomforts and have come to terms with them? Are you possibly suffering from painful menstrual periods every month and are continuing to treat them with pain killers? In this case, homeopathy is a very effective and gentle method to stop the pain and to help the body back to its balance. A large domain of homeopathy is women’s health with discomforts reaching from puberty to climacteric period. There is for example irregular or painful periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), acne, headache and migraine, fertility problems, discomfort during pregnancy, breastfeeding problems, post-natal blues, varicose veins, or menopausal symptoms.

Homeopathy can generally be used with any kind of discomfort, especially with

  • Women’s health: painful menstrual period, migraine
  • Children’s problems: neurodermatitis, hay fever
  • Men’s health: high blood pressure, sleep disorder

Homeopathy is very popular and often used with infants and children. This is especially because it stimulates the body’s self-healing powers in a very gentle way. Therefore, homeopathic remedies can be used very well with typical children’s problems like frequent cold, earache, development delays or learning difficulties and AD(H)D. Especially with allergies like hay fever, neurodermatitis or asthma, homeopathy is a possible alternative or complement to traditional medical treatment.
However, homeopathy is not only suitable for women and children. Also typical symptoms of men respond very well to homeopathic treatments. In this case, homeopathy can be of great help with high blood pressure, sleep disorders, back pain, or digestive problems.
Moreover, homeopathy can very well support the mind. Possible use of homeopathy in this area is with fear, obsessive-compulsive disorder, aggressiveness, nervousness, or depression.
Around acute discomforts, homeopathy often is used with injuries like spraining, broken bones, kicks or strokes, abrasions, burns, animal bites or cuts. It usually leads to a quick reduction of discomfort in case of acute problems.
To sum up, we may conclude that homeopathy can be used in many cases and generally with any kind of discomfort – provided that the body’s ability to regulate is still given. This is understood as the body’s ability to react to a small impulse, which is set by the homeopathic remedy and in this way, stimulates the body’s self-healing power. Nevertheless, it is important to respect the limitations of homeopathy, and for example in acute life-threatening situations, during intensive care, surgical interventions, or hormone replacement to make use of the excellent possibilities of conventional medicine. Even here, however, homeopathic remedies can always be used complementary.


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